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ImageVision's AgileView consoles

Choosing an automation vendor for your DCS, SCADA, or human-machine interface is only part of the battle. What about the control room furniture?

Process manufacturers can put a little agility, as well as style, into work centers that incorporate LCDs, plasma screens, and other new-technology displays. The new AgileView series from ImageVision was designed especially for these new-technology monitors. The products solve sometimes complex console layout problems while also acknowledging the unique ergonomic requirements of different operators.

The consoles feature a smaller footprint for spaces with limited room. They employ a reduced work surface depth ideal for the latest flat-screen and gas plasma technology displays. The flexible design allows for adjustable tilt and pivot of each display mount (up to three tiers high).

Pull-out-style keyboard/mouse trays are available to keep the operator work area clear. There is ample knee and foot-room clearance below the cabinet to adapt to each operator's ergonomic requirements.

Adjustability is not just the foundation of good ergonomics, it also means the accommodation of any emerging technology. Whether it's LCD screen displays, communications/network devices, or remote CPUs, AgileView can be configured to fit them. Its highly adaptable, building-block console design can be expanded in future years to save space and money down the road.

AgileView consoles feature rugged, all-steel construction. The metal work surface with Nevamar high-pressure laminate insert ensures long life and good looks. All paint used is durable Sherwin-Williams industrial powder-coat finishes, applied in an ISO 9001 fabrication facility.

Standard color options are opaque beige side legs, work surface frame, and monitor supports. Side legs have a laminate insert which matches the work surface laminate. Laminates are available in burgundy matrix or charcoal matrix as standard. Optional laminates are also available. Cabinets below work surfaces are gothic black.

The AgileView design is modular to allow for easy field modifications to your HMI, MMI, SCADA computer desks, or computer furniture consoles. Monitor tiers, cabinets with pull-out CPU trays, shelves, file and supply drawer modules, and other accessories can be added easily. The 19-in. EIA racks for mounting instrumentation or process automation hardware can be supplied in the cabinets below the work surfaces. AgileView consoles are provided with an integral cable management system which allows for separation of power and control wiring if desired.

"Our employees have extensive background in industrial automation controls, process automation, and distributed control system integration," says President Dave Renfro. "We not only understand the emerging technologies you are working with, we know how to fit these devices into your console plans in a variety of ways."

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