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Common methods, best practices for IIoT solidify

The only question now is how make IIoT simple, effective and secure in process applications

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It always helps when someone else scouts ahead, cuts through the jungle first, and sends back guidance about sought-after destinations and avoiding hazards. And, just as geographical explorers assist travelers who come later, computing/networking pioneers can research, develop and experiment with new and emerging digitalized technologies to help those not as far up the learning curve. This is especially true for information technology (IT) experts, whose know-how is becoming more crucial to users in process control/automation and other operations technology (OT) disciplines as their industries are increasingly overrun by the Internet and its eponymous and unnecessarily…

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CT 1906 SOT Temp Press Small compressorTemperature & pressure management

Find the latest trends, technology and implementations on the topic of temperature and pressure management are detailed in this new eBook from the editors of Control. Topics covered include: diagnostics, pressure transmitter problems, and more. Download it here.


1906 CT Digital edition thumb compressorOur latest issue: June 2019

It was inevitable the Internet would take over from fieldbuses and their protocols. The only question now is how make it simple, effective and secure in applications and the HMI/SCADA, MES, ERP and other functions that serve them. Read the issue.


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Natural gas metering mismatch

Why there will be two Volume 2s in the Instrument Engineers' Handbook

Q: We have a problem of production mismatch on the custodian metering system in our natural gas station (Figure 1). There are two trains with two different runs. It is a gas treatment and export station. We export to the LNG station and also to some domestic users. The details:Total production:…

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    By Toby Weir-Jones

    If you’re an operator who is beginning to worry about your OT security, I’d like to encourage you to think about security in a pragmatic way, and give you some tips on how to implement it.Maybe you're like so many operators I meet who know they need to do something, but they’re beset on all…

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  • Building networks of mentors

    In this episode of the Manufacturing Tomorrow's Workforce podcast, Christine LaFave Grace and Nandita Gupta, process controls engineer at Georgia-Pacific and a 2019 Influential Women in Manufacturing honoree discuss Gupta's experience entering the workforce with a mentor, and how she hopes to…

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  • Procedure automation: Another role for automation

    By John Rezabek

    As data scientists putter around with artificial intelligence (AI) and operator advisory systems, one might worry that the ability of (especially young) operators to develop and maintain mental models of complex processes that might suffer. Even a couple decades ago, we can remember laments of…

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  • OGE cybersecurity checklist

    By Jim Montague

    Each process application has its own unique characteristics, and so each has its own vulnerabilities and cybersecurity tasks to perform. Jason Nations, senior enterprise security manager at OGE Energy Corp., Oklahoma City, detailed his cybersecurity to-do list during his presentation at ARC…

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  • Do the cybersecurity to-do list

    By Jim Montague

    Well begun truly is half done, but with cybersecurity, it's still hard to progress beyond initial steps like updating passwords and segmenting networks with managed Ethernet switches used as firewalls to monitor network traffic, detecting suspicious behavior, and responding to threats and…

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  • Prioritize input to help preserve effective personal performance

    By Jim Montague

    All of the process control and automation engineers and other professionals I know—and I'd bet most of those I don't know—are experts at managing and optimizing the physical fluids, chemicals and combined substances in their applications, remote sites and other facilities. It's no surprise this…

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