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Industrial wireless solutions push boundaries to deliver data from remote locations

LoRaWAN, self-healing mesh, WirelessHART and other innovations push boundaries of reliably to deliver data from remote, hard-to-reach locations.

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It's well known that reach often exceeds grasp, but wireless lets process applications and users grasp as far as they want. Plus, updated wireless standards and devices are letting them do it more easily and at less cost than ever."Oil and gas wells have been in California's Central Valley for 100 years, and wireless was used in the form of radios for 40 years in multiple locations. This is because we have to cover thousands of pump jacks over 100 square miles, and wireless is the only way. The radios were point-to-multi-point, and now we have wireless Ethernet and licensed, point-to-point, private microwave communications," says Jonathan Polly, solutions operations…

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CT1911 FlowLevel P2 Cover tablet smallFlow Measurement: Fall 2019

In this eBook, you'll learn about the latest trends, technologies and implementations in flow measurement. Learn how to specify a control valve, how to optimize pumping costs, and much more. Download it here.


CT1911 DE tablet smallOur latest issue: November 2019

Self-healing mesh, wirelessHART and other innovations keep pushing boundaries to reliably deliver data from remote and hard-to-reach locations. Also in this issue are feature articles about supervisory control and safety systems. Read the issue.


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Understanding switch configurations

From A to CC, the various forms have advantages in different applications.

Q: I learned very early in my career that contacts should be “Open to Alarm” and “Close on Status.” This term was used to eliminate the confusion of normally energized, de-energized, and shelf conditions. We always specify form C so we can use contact most appropriate for the application.

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