How process control can get the most out of IIoT

IIoT's teeth marks are everywhere, but what do all it's new players have to say?

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It's always good to have more people and devices linked up and talking, whether it's over party lines, instant messaging, or the always-on Ethernet, wireless, cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Simpler networking and the Internet in all its forms and formats are penetrating ever more widely and deeply into all areas of human endeavor, including manufacturing and industry, and they're bringing digitalization, virtualization and cloud computing along with them.IIoT's teeth marks are everywhere, but what do all it's new players have to say? Well, Union Charter Township covers 28 square miles and serves 10,000 residents in central Michigan, and its Water…

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Voices: Ask The Experts

Vortex flowmeter calibration and rangeability

How can we determine the best size to balance accuracy against pressure drop?

Q: I have a question regarding vortex flowmeters and hope that you can clear it up. The line size is 3 in.; the flow is minimum 6 m³/hr, normal 20 m³/hr, maximum 22 m³/hr. The vendor suggested using a 3-in. Endress+Hauser (E+H) Prowirl vortex flowmeter with minimum flow 4.03 m³/hr, maximum…

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  • Process control as inventory control

    By R. Russell Rhinehart

    Often, chemical process control is fundamentally inventory control. Understanding the cause-and-effect of the inventory is key to understanding the process, troubleshooting, choosing appropriate controlled variable-measured variable (CV-MV) pairing, designing cascade or ratio structures, specifying…

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  • Tuning existing real processes versus models

    Q: I have question regarding the step response method for PID tuning. I have a chemical production model, and to tune the PID controller, I introduced a step change and obtained the step response curve shown in Figure 1. According to the curve, there was no dead time, so can we still use the…

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  • The wild side of pH measurement

    By Greg McMillan

    Greg: Many drastic process effects on pH measurement are not realized and rarely discussed. Often, the pH measurements most adversely affected are critical for product quality. Here, we gain first-hand plant experience addressing many of these issues, providing insight and a realistic viewpoint…

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  • iBio builds facility with maximum automation

    By Karen Langhauser and Mike Bacidore

    You probably won’t find many presidents of successful contract manufacturing organizations gleefully running the forklift inside their manufacturing plants, but Barry Holtz is no ordinary leader—which is fitting because iBio is no ordinary biopharma facility. “Anyone can build monuments,”…

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  • Product roundup: Valve technologies

    THREE- AND FOUR-WAY SPOOLSAsco Series 362 and 562 are three- and four-way solenoid-operated spool valves with a corrosion-resistant design for reliable valve automation in oil and gas applications. They have low-power and low-temperature options, and are available in sizes from ¼-in. to 1-in.

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  • Why GDPR spurred compliance

    By Jim Montague

    While I was hip deep in a couple more cybersecurity interviews a few weeks back, two sources independently mentioned the European Commission's (EC) new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that went into force on May 25 with the aim of protecting the data and privacy of European Union (EU)…

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