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Data analytics isn't as difficult as it used to be

Access and run disparate data streams in parallel for innovative analyses, better decisions and optimized production.

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All the richest, juiciest, most actionable data isn't worth spit if it can't be accessed. And all the most sophisticated analytical software, algorithms and techniques are just as worthless if they can't crunch that data to enable better decisions and optimize operations, production and profit. There's no point in either if they can't work together.In the badder old days, obstacles between raw, detailed plant-floor data and thorough, timely analysis were mountainous. Data points, signals and parameters were manually gathered and entered on paper or old computerized spreadsheets, which were hard to organize and easy to lose. Plus, not only was the collection process…

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CT1905 HMI ebook cover tablet small compressor2019 HMIs & Industrial Computers

The latest trends, technology and implementations on the topic of HMIs and industrial computers are detailed in this new eBook from the editors of Control. Topics covered include: HMI requirements, device protection, safety, and more. Download it here.


1905 DE tablet small compressorOur latest issue: May 2019

Many of today's data analytics tools and software are simpler and easier to use, and generate more useful information and decisions. Curiously, the main hurdle is convincing potential users that analytics isn't as difficult as it used to be. Read the issue.


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Measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide

How precise measurements are made around the clock, globe and calendar

Q: How are they measuring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? I don’t think any method is accurate enough.Name withheldA: Your question is an important one, so I’ll answer it in some detail. CO2 (and other gases) consisting of two or more dissimilar atoms absorb infrared (IR) radiation in a…

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    Textbook HMI chapterThis 176-page chapter, "Human machine interface" by Prof. Ted Evans at the University of Toledo's College of Engineering, is one of many resources for his electrical engineering courses that are available at his homepage. This chapter covers HMI history, graphics for situation…

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  • Primary tools and packages for data analytics

    By Jim Montague

    Just like in baseball, you can't tell the data analytics players without a program. Here's a partial list of the major leaguers: Amazon Timestream is a time-series database service for IoT and operational applications that can store and analyze many events at less cost than relational databases. …

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  • Top 10 articles from May 2019

    10. Process monitoring, analysis gain intelligence, but still need acceptanceAnalyzers, sampling systems and similar solutions can improve productivity and competitiveness of process applications, but these benefits are only gained if potential users recognize their value and invest. Read…

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  • AI and ML on deck for data analytics

    By Jim Montague

    Two of the most frequently mentioned technologies related to data analytics are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). However, though both have the potential to help data analytics in process applications, the jury is still out on how much AI and ML are actually doing it so…

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