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Duplex Steel Toughens Gate Valve

48-in. knife gate valve from Stainless Valve

A 48-in. knife gate valve made of high strength 2205 Duplex steel instead of standard stainless steel processes more corrosive and abrasive materials. The new ferritic/austenitic stainless steel material used makes the valve 50% stronger than austenitic stainless steel valves, as well as more corrosion resistant. It has a face-to-face dimension of 6 in. (150 mm) and is designed to be assembled without welding. Although wider in design and shorter in length than most other valves, the 48 in. valve has more throughput and less friction, the vendor claims, can handle more volume, and has 50% more flow cross-section than a 36 in. valve. The amount of gas discharged is also far greater than through other valves.

Stainless Valve

704/289-5858; www.stainlessvalveco.com

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