Staying on the level

Every month, CONTROL’s editors take a specific product area, collect all the latest, significant tools we can find and present them here to make your job easier. This month, we focus on level measurement.

Non-contact Level GaugesRanking Non-Contacting Level Gauges
An independent guide to the world’s ultrasonic, laser and radar non-contact level gauges ranked by performance and supplier, this reference contains technical information about evaluation and application with pointers for installation, such as material, vapor, vessel, sensor and electrical considerations. Tables include the types of gauges and selected features that are available from each supplier, along with their country of origin or source. See where each level gauge ranks and use this guide to help select ultrasonic, laser or radar level gauges. Spitzer and Boyes, LLC; 845/623-1830; www.spitzerandboyes.com

Technical Reference Guide for Level Measurement
Level supplier Magnetrol has published a desk reference guide for years that is one of the most useful engineering manuals for the level transmitter specifier. Containing tables of engineering unit conversions, dielectric constants, viscosity, density, assorted physical constants and a detailed set of steam tables, this Technical Handbook is a “must have” for engineers who work with level measurement. The handbook even includes pages of data on pipe and flanges. Magnetrol International; 800/624-8765; www.magnetrol.com

Fee-Based Help Desk
MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division offers services to existing and new customers of magneto-restrictive level sensors to assist them in specifying, installing and maintaining the company’s level sensors. For a reasonable fee, MTS will offer a site survey and pre-sale specification; evaluation and recommendations for the upgrade path; on-site training as well as hands-on training at the factory; installation and commissioning; scheduled periodic maintenance; and factory-authorized repair service. MTS Systems Corp.; 919/ 677-2332; www.mtssensors.com

Level MeasurementUpdated Level Handbook
The Endress+Hauser 2006 edition of The Theory and Practice of Level Measurement has chapters for vibrating switches; electromechanical  and hydrostatic pressure level measurement; ultrasonic level and microwave level measurement; and nucleonic level measurement. 213 pages, hardback. Endress+Hauser USA; 888/ENDRESS; www.us.endress.com

Online Technical Reference Guide
Omega Engineering’s Transactions in Measurement and Control, Volume 4, Flow and Level Measurement, is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The handbook covers level measurement in detail, provides a selection guide, covers pressure, hydrostatic, mechanical, non-contacting, contacting and nuclear level measurement devices. Guide is non-commercial and contains no advertising. Omega Engineering; 888/826-6342; www.omega.com/literature/transactions/volume4/

Pick Your Contacting Level Gauge
Another independent guide to the world’s capacitance and radar contact level gauges ranked by performance and supplier. The guide contains technical information to help evaluate suppliers and products. Tables include the types of level gauges and selected features that are available from each supplier, along with their country of origin or source. Spitzer and Boyes, LLC; 845/623-1830; www.spitzerandboyes.com

If you know of any tools and resources we didn’t include, send them to wboyes@putman.net, and we’ll add them to our website.

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