Foundation fieldbus – Working today, preparing for tomorrow

This presentation, offered as an exclusive podcast for the Process Automation Radio Network, explains how fieldbus is being used today in process automation applications, how it will be used in the future, and how the unique requirements of different projects are being met.

On January 30, 2007, Ian Verhappen, Director of Industrial Networks for MTL Instruments Group, presented a talk on Foundation fieldbus to the Will-Dupage section of ISA. Verhappen, an ISA Fellow, Certified Automation Professional and leading provider of industrial connectivity solutions, spoke on how Foundation Fieldbus is being used worldwide in the industry.

Verhappen's ISA Presentation
Verhappen's presentation to the Will-Dupage section of ISA.

To help you get an understanding of the trends affecting digital control systems, the presentation also includes materials on the technologies expected to impact control systems in the near future, as well as a downloadable PDF of Verhappen's presentation given at the ISA event.

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