Evolving Your Wireless Plant Network

Follow These Steps to Evolve Your Wireless Plant Network

A key differentiator of Emerson’s Smart Wireless offering is that both field- and plant-level networks are scalable, allowing users to start anywhere and grow, with full confidence that applications can be added as the scope of your wireless implementation expands. A sample evolutionary path might be as follows.

  1. Start with a wireless field network; use 802.11 as the back-haul.
    Wireless Field Network
  2. Grow the wireless plant network, and add a small-scale mobile worker application.
    Wireless Mobile application
  3. Grow the wireless plant network by geographic coverage areas; add more field networks.
    Plant Wireless Network
  4. Leveraging previously installed infrastructure, add new apps such as video or location tracking.
    Wireless Devices
  5. Grow the wireless plant network to the entire plant and with more applications.Wireless Plant Network

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