A Seven-Step Process

Control, Maintain and Periodically Evaluate the HMI. See the Other Steps to Take

By Nancy Bartels

  1. Adopt a style guide. Decide on how all the information is to be displayed—colors, type faces, shapes, etc.—and then use that guide consistently across every screen.
  2. Do a gap analysis. How far apart are the appearance and functionality of your current HMI and where you would like them to be?
  3. Determine specific performance and goal objectives, including such factors as process safety parameters/limits, production rate, efficiency, run length, equipment health, cost, quality and reliability.
  4. Do a task analysis. What does the operator need to do to achieve your process goals?
  5. Only then design your graphics.
  6. Install, commission and train on the new HMI.
  7. Control, maintain and periodically evaluate the HMI.