Safety Instrumented Systems / Asset Management

What is PAS 55

It Provides Clear Definitions and a 28-point Requirements Specification for Establishing and Verifying an Optimized Management System

By Nancy Bartels

PAS 55 is the British Standards Institution's (BSI) Publicly Available Specification for the optimized management of physical assets. It provides clear definitions and a 28-point requirements specification for establishing and verifying an optimized and whole-life management system for all types of physical assets. Now internationally recognized, PAS 55 is proving to be an essential, objective definition of what is required to demonstrate competence, establish improvement priorities and make better, clearer connections between strategic organizational plans and the actual day-to-day work and asset realities.

PAS 55 applies to any organization, public or private, regulated or non-regulated, that has a high dependency on physical infrastructure or equipment. It describes what must be done in planning and delivery, in the integrated management of acquisition/creation operation, maintenance and disposal/renewal, and in the many generic "enablers" that underpin sustainable, optimized performance.

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