Ametek Drexelbrook’s New Universal IV Level Transmitter

By Control Global Staff

Ametek Drexelbrook provides a wide array of level measurement technologies, including RF admittance/capacitance, time domain reflectometry/guided-wave (TDR/GWR) and noncontacting radar, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic, vibration, conductive and float devices.  "We have been proudly serving the market  for over 50 years in many industries including petrochemical, food and beverage, water, wastewater, power,  pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, mining, aggregates, feed and grain, and more," says Mike Bayda, Drexelbrook's level product manager.

"Drexelbrook pioneered RF admittance in the industry, and we're second to none in RF level technology," he adds. "The Universal IV is the fourth-generation RF admittance level measurement system, built on Drexelbrook's 50 years of leadership in the industry."

The Universal IV is designed to replace the Universal III, RCT and Universal Lite products. It is fully backward-compatible with all the existing Drexelbrook systems.

"Existing systems can be upgraded by simply removing the old housing and mounting the new Universal IV housing on the existing probe, " Bayda says.

The product's compact transmitter is smaller and comes standard with a simple, pushbutton keypad, LCD display and view port. There are no jumpers required on the transmitter. All features are programmable. Configuration is simplified with the auto-ranging capability of the device.

In hazardous locations, the Universal IV no longer requires an intrinsically safe (IS) barrier, and the product already carries worldwide IS and explosion-proof approvals (FM, FMc, ATEX and IECEX) for Class I, Division 1, Zone 0 locations.

The Universal IV transmitter is a loop-powered (two-wire) 4-20 mADC transmitter featuring the digital HART protocol, and features stable, repeatable and accurate measurement within 0.25% of range, based on measurement spans from 1 in. (25 mm) to 800 ft (244 m).

"The Universal IV is simple to install and easy to use. No maintenance is required because the device has no moving parts to wear out," adds Bayda.

The electronics can be mounted on the probe or, in the case of harsh environmental conditions, the electronics can be installed remotely away from the probe or the vessel.

The Universal IV features Drexelbrook's proven-in-use "Cote-Shield" technology, which makes the device immune to vapor, dust and foam interference by ignoring coating buildup on the probe. The device is also immune to tank obstructions such as nozzles, ladders, pipes and agitators, which many non-contact level technologies fall prey to.

Because the Universal IV is designed to work with the previous generations' probe designs, the product is being introduced with the widest range of probes available in the industry. Not only is retrofitting easy, but more than 125 probes can be selected as a "standard option," while many more special probes can be customized upon request.

The instrument can be used in process temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1000 °F (537 °C) and process pressures from vacuum to 10000 psi (690 bar). The system is available with an array of process connections, including NPT and BSP threads. Flange mountings in ANSI and DIN are available, as are Tri-Clamp and Grayloc fittings. "More designs," Bayda says, "can be customized on request."

The Universal IV is offered in two models. "The Universal IV Pro offers the greatest versatility and the broadest range of capabilities including Cote-Shield," Bayda adds, "while the Universal IV Lite is ideal for less demanding applications with non-coating conductive liquids and span lengths typically less than 20 ft (6 m)."

Bayda went on, "The Universal IV Pro is able to handle measurement spans up to 800 ft (244 m), and is compatible with a wide array of applications and media, including total level and interface level, working on conductive, insulating, heavy or light coating."

The Universal IV is available now from Ametek Drexelbrook's worldwide network of representatives.

For more information, contact Ametek Drexelbrook at

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