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Tell Your IT People to Visit Our Web Page. They Might Now Knowth That Plant-Level Security is Different and More Complex Than Standard Enterprise Security. We Have All the Info They Need

By Walt Boyes

When you and your IT folks talk about network security, do you ever think to recommend that they visit for information? If you aren't, maybe you should.

We were the first, after the Associated Press, to disclose the Stuxnet virus, and we have consistently been in the forefront of cybersecurity information for five or six years now, publishing articles by Joe Weiss, of ACS; Ralph Langner, who took the virus apart and did the first major published study of it; Eric Byres and John Cusimano from the Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI); Eric Cosman, co-chair of the ISA99 Cybersecurity Standard committee; and most recently, Morteza Rezaei, an Iranian automation engineer, on what people in Iran know about Stuxnet.

We have talked about the gap between IT and plant level security for many years, and we've developed a large body of work at

We know that plant-level security is different and more complex than standard enterprise security. You know that, but your IT people may not.

So give this page to your IT folks, and tell them we have resources for them. Boy, do we have resources!

Our October cover story every year, and sometimes the entire issue, is devoted to plant IT security issues. There is a ton of learning for your IT folks if they just read the last five October issues, available in either Flash or PDF format at

Here are some other resources for them: