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Updated Device Description Library Now Available

Developers Can Now Build DDs for Fieldbus Instrumentation With Ease Thanks to the DD Library

By Fieldbus Foundation

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The Fieldbus Foundation has announced an update to its FOUNDATION fieldbus Device Description (DD) Library. The DL-006 3.80 release includes new profiles simplifying the addition of Positioner Transducer Blocks and remote I/O (RIO) HART® Gateway Transducer Blocks to fieldbus devices.

The DD Library provides standardized source code for all fieldbus blocks and parameters—making it easy for developers to build DDs for fieldbus instrumentation. Suppliers only need to implement custom blocks and other supplier-specific additional parameters. In addition, the DD Library promotes a standardized view of field device information across manufacturers, enabling consistent configuration by end users. The library is maintained to describe the most recent FOUNDATION specification.

The FOUNDATION fieldbus Positioner Transducer Block Specification is a key resource supporting the organization and integration of advanced device diagnostics within fieldbus systems. The specification provides standard definitions for positioner transducer blocks, including an analog positioner for basic and complex device access, a discrete positioner for basic and complex device access, and a combination analog/discrete positioner for basic and complex device access. The specification also includes parameter structure definitions for better data organization with fieldbus devices, including partial/full stroke test (PST/FST) of valves. The document conveniently groups parameters in function-based categories and offers a variety of helpful diagrams.

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The new DDL code/profiles correspond to key elements of FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology, which are included in the Fieldbus Foundation's current technical specifications. FOUNDATION for ROM is the first development of its kind integrating remote I/O, ISA 100.11a, WirelessHART, wired HART, and H1 fieldbus protocols into a single standard data management environment. This solution extends the capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus to countless wired and wireless devices installed in remote locations worldwide.

The latest DD Library release also includes miscellaneous maintenance fixes.

For more information about FOUNDATION fieldbus specifications, please visit the Specification page of For details regarding the DD Library, please visit the Tools page or e-mail