Reader Feedback: We have our own BOK

A reader asks us if we are aware that ISA developed a BOK for automation professionals years ago

I'm somewhat surprised that your editorial  focused on Chemical Engineers and the AIChE Body of Knowledge (BOK) [Sept. '15, p. 9]. I've always viewed your publication as one for control and automation professionals, not chemical engineers. While it's certainly good to know that AIChE created their BOK, industry doesn't need them to address instrumentation and control. Are you aware that ISA developed a BOK for automation professionals years ago? See,-2nd-edition/116204

Also, are you aware of the Automation Competency Model? The government acknowledges this specialty. Students and their parents can learn about this as a career. Schools are developing and modifying curricula. Find it at

Paul Gruhn, PE, ISA Fellow

[Editor in Chief Paul Studebaker replies: Thanks for the insights. With so many of our Hall of Fame members being chemical engineers, I might err in paying too much attention to whether or not the specialization properly recognizes process control.]


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