Flow / Level

Flow control leveraging better technologies, lower costs

Control’s latest State of Technology report highlights recent developments, includes examples of outstanding implementations in the process industries.

The gentle art of flow control depends on effective flow measurements, responsive final elements and the right control algorithms.

As in so many other areas, flow control continues to benefit from faster, cheaper data processing and communications, but it is also leveraging better technologies and lower costs in areas from corrosion-resistant alloys and piezoelectric sensors to low-stiction valve seals and high-torque electric actuators.

 Lower costs allow everyday use of technology once reserved only for the most demanding applications.

Our latest State of Technology ebook, entitled “Level & Flow,” comprises an anthology of recent coverage from Control magazine, as well as ControlGlobal.com, which highlights recent developments and includes examples of outstanding implementations in the process industries.

Among the key points explored in the report:

  • Digital signals support low-maintenance approach to differential pressure measurement
  • Why and how to establish installed valve flow characteristics
  • Flow technologies team up to offer users better measurements
  • What is the difference between uncertainty and accuracy in flowmeters?
  • Experts weigh in on distillation plant measurement problems
  • Should you use a Coriolis flowmeter as a backup system?

Download Control's latest State of Technology report.