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A new article and video describing current issues related to cyber security in the process industries and how Field Device Integration (FDI) helps solve them. Articles, details and a video have been posted on FieldComm Group’s dedicated FDI information portal, Automation end-users can learn about cyber security challenges faced by the process automation industry, security measures taken in FDI, and the benefits of the technology in mitigating security threats.

FieldComm Group’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Talon Petty, commented, “FDI deploys state-of-the-art measures to mitigate today’s increasing cyber security threats to process automation systems and devices. It enables system-wide integration of devices while providing additional capabilities and security. Our new article and video describe how FDI technology utilizes security measures such as time stamping on Device Package signatures, sandbox environments for UIPs, and various OPC UA security capabilities.”

Providing a wide range of information related to FDI technology, addresses the needs of various automation stakeholders and explains how they can integrate their systems and get data to the cloud to work smarter. For example, end users benefit from visiting the site’s “Purchasing Requests” section where they can download sample documents that can be used to “ASK 4 FDI” in products offered by their instrumentation vendors. Suppliers benefit from complete information about FDI Device Packages and other development resources.

FDI is a key standard for industrial organizations seeking a common platform to integrate and configure field devices that work on different protocols from different manufacturers. It is also an enabling technology th at improves lifecycle cost and adds value through simplified device integration.

Developed through a collaborative process of major industry foundations and suppliers, FDI brings standardization to the packaging and distribution of all the software and tools necessary to integrate a device with a host system.

For more information, please visit the FDI website.

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