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ARC Report Details Growth of FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, and WirelessHART

Approximately 78.9 million installed process field devices worldwide, ARC reports

By FieldComm Group

ARC Advisory Group, a leading market research firm for industry and manufacturing, has completed a new study examining the installed base of field devices employing FieldComm Group technologies. The study found that automation end users continue to implement FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART-based solutions in large numbers around the world.

According to the ARC report, there are approximately 78.9 million installed process field devices worldwide. HART-based devices account for 60.3 percent of the global installed base, while FOUNDATION Fieldbus represents around four percent of the devices. By comparison, analog technology only has 20.6 percent of the installed base, with the remainder of devices being pneumatic or proprietary solutions.

The ARC study indicated that WirelessHART occupies a strong position in industrial wireless sensing with roughly 30 percent market share. The next closest wireless protocol has just over seven percent share.

FieldComm Group marketing and business development manager, Talon Petty, commented, “We are seeing the ongoing growth of smart device technology throughout the process industries, as manufacturers reap the benefits of digitization in their plant operations. There are clear indications that FieldComm Group protocols are preferred across a broad spectrum of the automation market.

For more information, please visit the Technology page on the FieldComm Group website.

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