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Newest Member, Micropack, Offers Fire & Gas Detection Solutions

Company plans to implement HART technology across its flame detection product line.

By FieldComm Group

Micropack, a developer of advanced fire and gas hazard detection technologies, is the newest member of FieldComm Group.

Founded in 1996, Micropack’s heritage was formed in offshore process control and safety systems, and from these roots the company innovated in the field of optical fire and gas detection, assisting with the development of many of the leading detection devices on the market today. At the same time, Micropack became involved in the effects of environmental conditions on optical detection methods. This subsequently paved the way for becoming a leader in two main areas: fire and gas detection consultancy and intelligent visual flame detection.

Micropack is a pioneer in “Fire and Gas Mapping” technology. It developed a suite of mapping tools, and through years of field experience implemented methodologies detailed in “ISA TR84.00.07: Guidance on the Evaluation of Fire, Combustible Gas, and Toxic Gas System Effectiveness.” The company is also an innovator of intelligent visual flame detection (iVFD), which was first put into field service more than 20 years ago to combat the common pitfalls of other technologies.

Micropack plans to implement HART technology across its flame detection product line.

For more information, please visit the Micropack website.

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