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ProComSol COM-PWR: PC-Based HART Communicator with Power Supply

By FieldComm Group

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ProComSol’s COM-PWR is a full featured, DD-based HART communicator for Windows packaged with a USB HART modem and integrated +24Vdc loop power supply makes instrument setups a snap.

The COM-PWR includes these components:

DevCom2000, Smart Device Communicator for Windows

  • Uses the registered DD files from the HART Communication Foundation
  • Complete access to all features of the device DD including methods
  • Monitor PV, multi-variables, and device status
  • View and edit device variables
  • Trend process variables as well as any other parameter associated with the device
  • Supports HART 7 and WirelessHART devices
  • Windows Explorer menu layout that is easy to navigate
  • Communication and event logs
  • Save configurations as a PDF file for documenting the device
  • Write saved configurations to devices
  • No tag limits
  • Complies with Enhanced DDL standard (IEC 61804-3)
  • Comes with all the latest registered DDs from the FieldComm Group
  • Guaranteed to work with Windows XP, 7-10 (32 and 64 bit)

HM-USB-PWR, HART Modem USB with Integrated Power Supply

  • Integral standard USB Type A connector
  • Heavy-duty HART mini grabber connectors
  • Designed to meet HART Physical Layer Spec HCF_SPEC-54
  • Self-powered, no external power supply or batteries needed
  • Provides +24Vdc loop power
  • Connections for loop current measurements
  • Integrated loop resistor

For more information, please visit the ProComSol website.

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