Vega 80 GHz Radar Available with HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus

By FieldComm Group

Get all the benefits of 80 GHz radar with HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus. The choice is simple with the VEGAPULS 64 and the VEGAPULS 69: one radar to measure level for liquids and one for bulk solids.

The higher frequency transmission gives operators unprecedented focus, allowing reliable and accurate measurements in tanks with internal installations and in compact vessels. Internal electronics make both radars immune to condensation and buildup. And finally, these radars are equipped with a high dynamic range, so they can measure even the smallest of signals.

The VEGAPULS 69 for solids is available with HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus, and the VEGAPULS 64 for liquids is available with HART. To learn more about the VEGAPULS 64, VEGAPULS 69, and other VEGA level products, call (800) FOR-LEVEL.

For more information, please visit the Vega website.


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