...and Control magazine makes the news...

...or rather, the Chicago Sun-Times in today's column by Neil Steinberg. We are collectively quite flattered by Mr. Steinberg's attention:

Hot, dirty, frothy nightmare

I can be like one of those creepy guys you meet at a party who shakes your hand then doesn't let go. Nancy J. Bartels of Itasca wrote a perfectly pleasant note, mentioning in passing that she is managing editor of Control, "a small B2B publication for process control engineers." Say no more! Would you, I asked, mind sending a few copies? As the former editor of the newsletter for Castle Metals in Franklin Park, I have a lingering affection for industrial publications. There's nothing like a good trade magazine to put dirt under your fingernails -- figurative dirt, I mean. Soon the September and October issues of Control were in my hands. Read the rest: http://activepaper.olivesoftware.com/Repository/CST/2007/10/31/CST_10_31_2007_FINAL.pdf#OLV0_Page_0022