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Reprinted here is an email exchange from the Automation List at Control.com. I've been publicizing some of the threads on this list for some time, since it is important that vendors know what is being said of them, whether behind their backs or to their faces. -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re: INFO: Disgusting level of service in the UK Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 10:55:48 -0500 From: automation@mail.control.com Reply-To: The AList To: automation@control.com ------------ Forwarded Message ------------ From: Trevor Wright To: AUTOMATION@CONTROL.COM Subject: Re: INFO: Disgusting level of service in the UK Schneider Electric UK operations is aware and embarrassed by the level of service that some of their Customers have recently experienced when telephoning into the Telford Call Centre activity. There has been a temporary set back caused through the introduction of new 'CRM' software and the time required for an Agent to either validate and add to an existing record or create a new one. Agents have done their best to keep up with the incoming call volume, but at certain times during the day, when the traffic peaks, long call answer waiting times have unfortunately been experienced. Corrective action has been taken and Schneider Electric feels that their expected service has returned to an acceptable level. Schneider Electric apologises for any inconvenience caused and gives an assurance that it is the intention of the Call Centre operation to respond to 85% of inbound calls within 20 seconds. Trevor Wright Sales Operations & CIC Manager On Jan 11, 2006 11:18 pm d j butler wrote: I recently made the mistake of trying to find out some information from Schneider, after trying my local supplier i used the number on the website, a long time passed while i funded Schneider's advertising efforts on my mobile, still no answer. i then contacted my local supplier again and asked for Schneider's phone number, i was given a number which turned out to be the warehouse. The warehouse gave me the phone number of a "technical person", i then rang this person only to get more recorded avdertising at my expense but still no reply. Now i am getting bl**dy annoyed so i ring the warehouse again and manage to get the email of this technical person, email sent asking for him to call me, he does but cannot answer the question or give me any telephone number of his head office, he is also not aware of any complaint procedure (ISO 9000?), he then promises to get someoneelse to ring me about the problem (i hope it's not a recording). I am at present thinking it would be easier to go Mitsubishi and i might even be able to do that for less than my phone bill. Service HA HA. Two hours after the first call and i have got nowhere at all. If you really believe feedback is important you need to sort your service out before we all go with the competition. ( Complete Thread: http://www.control.com/1026218133 ) Do YOU know how the end users really feel about you, vendors? If you do, how do you know? If you don't, you probably ought to go ask them. Walt

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