And now a word from Grant Leseueur

"I'd like to start my presentation by saying (pointing to Peter), 'Yeah, what he said.'" Leseueur, the product marketing leader for InFusion, gave a roadmap: InFusion Phase 1-- April 06 InFusion Foundation Edition-- May 07: SCADA, Triconex, TMEC, MES Infustion Installed BAse Support for next year: Historian migration, 100 series support, DCS migration program. Batch applications, and other new features coming on later. The big noise: InFusion Foundation Edition-- developed for use with other DCS systems! This is designed to reduce the cost of integration regardless of whether you use I/A or not. FE allows us to deliver specific applications where I/A is not persent. We can allow us to parallel develop and release application components. Both the Foundation Editon and Control Edition will adhere to common release levels of core components, making applicaiton extensions compatible with both editions., either in a stand-alone mode, or with an I/A series. So what should I do first? 1. add an ATS to create your first MESH segment 2. Install- Migrate to InFusion Historian 3. Add new data rendering tools 4. Add InFusion Application Server 5. Add IEE with classsic station support (when available) 6. Upgrade SMDH to InFusion System Manager So we've put together some kits to help you get started: MESH Starter Kits InFusion Starter Kits Put information you create onto your bosses' desk tops!