And now another cyber security suite entrant...patented, no less!





MANSFIELD, Mass., August 14, 2007 - Industrial Defender, Inc., the global Cyber Risk Protectionâ„¢ leader previously known as Verano, Inc., won recognition by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Industrial Defender risk mitigation technology suite on July 17, with U.S. Patent No. 7,246,156. The newly patented platform mitigates increased cyber security threats, protects critical infrastructures and meets regulatory compliance for organizations in the power, energy, transportation, water and chemical industries. The Industrial Defender risk mitigation technology suite is the flagship product that established the company's leadership in critical infrastructure protection. Since the introduction of the industry's first cyber security protection platform in 2002, Industrial Defender has been a pioneer in cyber security protection for critical infrastructure. It is the core of a comprehensive Cyber Risk Protectionâ„¢ lifecycle platform that includes risk assessment professional services, risk mitigation technology and risk management co-managed security service offerings. This "Defense In Depth" solution is the industry's first and only fully integrated cyber risk solution, covering all seven layers of the process control environment -- from perimeter protection and gateway virus filtering to network/host intrusion detection and security event management. Industrial Defender's protection goes beyond standard solutions that stop at the enterprise firewall or host system. This end-to-end protection enables organizations to avoid engagements with multiple security vendors and point solutions. "Industrial Defender protects critical infrastructures and process control systems from the vulnerability of growing cyber security threats by individuals bent on disruption and destruction, as well as from human error," said Brian Ahern. "This patent represents a major endorsement for the Industrial Defender risk mitigation technology suite and underscores our long-term dedication to developing the best defense against cyber security threats." Industrial Defender recently introduced Version 3.0 of the technology, which added support for third-party firewalls, intrusion detection for power substations and increased product scalability. For more information on Industrial Defender, Inc. or the company's risk protection lifecycle solution, please visit Choice is great. It is good to see that there are multiple certification efforts for cyber security. But. One of the things that is very important is how well all of these proprietary (and patented) suites will integrate with the proposed standards from ISA. If they don't, they have limited utility, because the ISA-99 standard will be the de-jure standard. This is very important because as the connection between cybersecurity and Sarbanes-Oxley becomes more and more clear, the need for litigation protection will also become more clearly recognized. Only a system that is standards-based and transparent in operation can fulfill this role.