Another PR Wall of Shame winner!

Oh yes, indeedy. This one may even win its originator a Darwin Award, once the client figures it out.
Remember, I didn't make this up! Honest!

Penetration Sought in Erectile Disfunction Market

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a serious urological condition that is estimated to affect the lives of 19 million men in the US alone. Yet it was only with the hugely successful launch of Pfizer's Viagra (sildenafil) that the pharmaceutical industry began to take notice of this lucrative market. According to new research from [name withheld to protect the guilty], as the patient population increases, driven by the ageing population, the rise in obesity and erosion of social taboo, the market is expected to swell even further. It doesn't get any better as it goes on, either. Someone was actually paid, and rather handsomely too, I bet, to produce this.