ARC's Benchmarking Consortium at Age 1

PODCAST: ARC Benchmarking Consortium at Age 1

Hercules' Gary E. Lipson (pictured) talks to CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, about his participation in ARC's Benchmarking Consortium in this "special to the web" podcast on

IN FEBRUARY 2005, ARC announced the formation of a consortium of end user companies, coordinated by ARC, that would agree to collect and share metrics about automation and enterprise integration. These metrics, as ARC's John Wason and Dick Hill explained in a press briefing at the 2006 ARC Forum, can be varied. ARC has worked with consortium members to identify 18 prominent metrics, like productivity per automation worker, that consortium members can use to benchmark their own plants, and also to compare their operations against equivalent operations by their competitors. Gary E. Lipson, Manufacturing Excellence Leader for Automation and Energy at Hercules, gives a frank and candid look at what his company expects to get out of its participation in the ARC Benchmarking Consortium.

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Podcast length: 11:23


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