ATS and the military

When Jeff Owens, ATS president, and Doug Frank, the director of service center operations, were giving me the introductory slideshow and the tour, the subject of hiring from the military came up. With the number of people ATS needs, Owens said, "we hire from the military all the time. In fact, we find that the military's training and the virtues and discipline that the military instills into veterans fits the kind of people we want very well." So true is this that Holly Mosack, who is ATS manager, recruiting department gave me her other business card: She serves as Employer Outreach and Military Liason for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve for the Department of Defense. "We understand the pressures of potential deployments," she said about hiring people currently serving in the National Guard and the Reserve, "and we guarantee them that a job will be waiting for them when they return." Thank you, ATS.