Being ahead of the curve can be a problem...

I am pretty ruthlessly pragmatic, and I've often said that based on my own experience in plants, I know where Control magazine is often stored and read: the "vertical library" atop the back of the ubiquitous porcelain convenience located just off the control room, or right near the instrument shop. So I don't have very many illusions. But this commentary recently from Bill Maher brought me up short. I started thinking about the session at Emerson Exchange that Jim Cahill and Deb Franke gave about Web 2.0 and what it means for Emerson and its customers and partners. Maybe Jim and Deb and I are way out in front of the curve, with all the things we're doing that don't fit in a printed magazine. Maybe... Maybe this is just another corrollary to Osborne's Law ("He who lives on the cutting edge of technology often gets sliced." ...or in this case, flushed.)
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  • <p>Walt, Thanks for the shout out! What Bill Maher didn't consider is RSS-enabled smartphones and handheld devices which can get the "rest of the story" on the Sound OFF blog, your other RSS feeds, and even our Emerson Process Experts blog. You never know where one might be reading these... :)</p> <p>For anyone who'd like to see the presentation, we did post it, notes, screencasts and other resources from it at: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Take it easy, Jim</p>


  • <p>Of course, bathroom reading can also be found on your crack-berry or even your phone...</p> <p>All this Web 2.0 stuff is great. However, we need to recognize that it isn't exactly new. Remember NNTP and news groups? Remember dial-up BBSs? What exactly is new here? The reality is that we're just painting a pretty face on something we've always had.</p> <p>If people didn't see the need to integrate NNTP in to control systems, then why would we see a need to play with Web 2.0?</p>


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