Bentley Systems introduces eB Insight-- formerly Enterprise Informatics #pauto #arc #mfg #manufacturing

Alan Kiraly talks about AssetWise and eB (the former Enterprise Informatics product):

Cost of poor asset information management-- potential annual losses of $1.5 million per year.

Bently's solution span Project/Infrstructure Asset Operations.

Asset Wise is about information modeling. Modeling artifacts should be out of the box, not something you have to write over and over again.

You need information Integrity to go with the effective modeling

and then you have to know how to provide information consumption and applications

eB Insight is about modeling the information of assets. Linking models, linking templates and focus on how the information relates to the relationships.

eB Insight is an SOA suite of services.

Some users include "the British Monarchy" as well as Ameren, Constellation, Crossrail, and others.

There's a video about  what Bentley is doing for Crossrail at