Dennis Inverso opens the Siemens Automation Summit

Dennis Inverso, Chairman of the Siemens User Advisory Board Attendance at the conference last year was 856. This year over a thousand attendees. In 1996, there were 90 in attendance. DuPont safety goal is zero—OTJ recordable injuries, and zero ethics violations We were a chemical company, now we are becoming the worlds most dynamic science company, creating sustain able solutions essential to a better , safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Why are we here?  The goal of this summit is to benefit you—the siemens’ user community. Network, network, network! Work to develop a closer relationship with Siemens. New Charter— Provide a forum for effective communication and information sharing between Siemens and its customers. Enable Siemens to obtain frank feedback on their plans. …etc. Inverso provided a “mission statement” that says that the UAB has real influence on the quality and direction of Siemens products. Why DuPont likes alliances…DuPont is concerned if equipment stops working, cost of changing suppliers is high, internal knowledge assets will be lost by changing suppliers. There are low impact things, like furniture, consumables, etc. There are necessary systems, high end fabricated vessels, etc. but where supplier alliances are important are in business management systems, process control systems, etc. Feedback forums are on Friday morning, and the Roadmap sessions are held today. Look to siemens as a Partner. Enjoy your time at the summit and exiderdome Etc.