Finally somebody on Wall Street gets it!

From Zack's Research Digest: Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK) has a great business model with a significant number of diverse organic growth opportunities, according to Zacks Research Digest. Rockwell can generate good results even if execution is mixed in any one period. The company is steadily improving its ability to increase revenue in emerging economies, and in consumer facing industries. With integrated control and information platform, the company's relentless focus on execution is expected to produce incremental benefits in the future. Additionally, Rockwell has been generating strong free cash flow to help it reduce debt, support investment in growth areas and pay dividends. This is true, of course, not only of Rockwell, but of all automation companies at this time. Automation has become, and will likely become more, countercyclical as time goes on. In business troughs, automation saves cost, and in high times, automation projects can easily be funded, because they produce productivity gains.