HART User Group is (re)founded

ARC's Forum was also the site of the formative meeting of the HART User Group, which, as Ron Helson, executive director of the HART Communications Foundation, noted was the original name of the HCF. "We've come full circle," Helson said. Shell Global Solutions' Herman Storey Sr. conducted a Users Roundtable that put a number of issues of central concern to end users on the table for the various HART working groups to consider, including what diagnostics and control functions should be done in the device, and which should be done at the host. Ed Ladd, director, technology programs, noted that there has been a "High Speed HART" protocol, HART 6, which has many end-user requested features, but which has not yet been adopted by any vendor. After some discussion, Storey agreed to become Interim Co-Chair of the new HART User Group, with Wil Chin, from ARC, serving as Co-Chair and facilitator. A considerably larger User Group meeting is being planned for ISA2006 in Houston later this year. Users interested in joining the HART User Group, and participating in discussions of great importance to the user community, like HART Wireless and High Speed HART, should contact Ed Ladd, director of technology programs for the HCF at mailto:ed.ladd@hartcomm.org, or at +1-512-794-0369.