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Live From Invensys OpsManage'11: Leveraging Technology to Simplify Control Applications

Invensys OpsManage'11 - Nov. 10, 2011

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NOVEMBER 10, 2011

Virtualization Ignites ArchestrA Capabilities
In the context of process control, virtualization means lower hardware costs and simpler maintenance, but more importantly it means higher-availability systems and better disaster recovery. Rob Kambach, platform and supervisory applications product manager for Invensys Operations Management, explained why virtualization is likely headed to a control system near you in his presentation "Virtualization for ArchestrA System Platform 2012," at the company's OpsManage'11 conference this week in Nashville, Tenn. Read more »

Instrument Asset Management Drives Profit
"I have a passion for instrument asset management," began Charles Piper, an Invensys Fellow and development program manager for Invensys Operations Management. "Asset management, and particularly instrument asset management, touches everyone in the plant and also touches all the systems in the plant," Piper said. Read more »

Coping With the Human Resource Crisis
"These technologies may sound futuristic," said Stan DeVries, director of solutions architecture for Invensys Operations Management, "but I submit that our customers are already using them, and they are being driven to use them out of necessity." DeVries was referring to new modalities of training and the enabling of "roving" users in the plant, as well as the Invensys Operations Management emphasis on People Excellence. Read more »


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