Hijinks from Defcon..."we will scary you!"

Brian Mast reports on the SCADA list: Researcher: Flaw exposes hack threat Staff and agencies 04 August, 2007 By JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Technology Writer LAS VEGAS - Terrorists and other criminals could exploit a newly discovered software flaw to hijack massive computer systems used to control critical infrastructure like oil refineries, power plants and factories, a researcher said Saturday. The software is used to manage supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems "” computers that regulate the functioning of such important infrastructure as oil and gas pipelines, water treatment and power transmission facilities and the giant factories used by large technology companies. Read the rest of the article here, for copyright reasons....  As Brian notes, Robertson's article is untutored and intended to scare the pants off us. The problem is that legislators read AP much more than they read Control or the SoundOFF! blog or the SCADA list. This is the kind of soundbite reporting that can and will make legislators foam at the mouth and run around aimlessly, seeking to be seen doing something to protect our infrastructure. Once again, we have the need to speak at the highest levels of our respective governments. So, who's gonna go do it?