Honeywell Hates the Media...(not)

In an attempt to soften the media contingent at HUG up for the second day, Honeywell's Brian Chapman and Erik Rasmussen took us all to what is probably the only place in the Phoenix area where it was hotter inside than outside on the street. The restaurant was the Melting Pot, in Scottsdale, a gourmet fondue restaurant. We were packed into a little room with six water steamers to melt the fondue cheese and later keep the courtbouillion boiling. The steam from the tables, combined with the hot air from the gathering, was enough to wilt anybody and everybody. I would cheerfully attend a dinner at the Melting Pot again...but only in January in Chicago. It was excellent food, similar to Japanese shabu shabu, and was very well presented and served. It was even diabetic friendly, mostly, which made Chapman and your humble editor happy. Nice place. Thanks, guys.