Honeywell joins ISCI as founding member...

Since I helped to found this beast, I must say thank you to Honeywell for carrying this forward, and to all the other companies who have stepped up, thank you also.



Organization To Establish Certification Process for

Secure Control System Products


PHOENIX, Sept. 11, 2007 - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) today announced it has joined as a founding member the ISA Security Compliance Institute, an organization of industrial technology vendors and end users dedicated to establishing specifications and processes for testing and certifying control systems products.The ISA Security Compliance Institute will work to establish an ISASecure designation, which will identify and promote standards-compliant process control products and systems. This designation and certification process will provide a single compliance framework that will lower development and integration costs and enable more consistent system implementations. "Process control security is a critical element of process safety and reliability," said Jason Urso, Honeywell Process Solutions Director of Marketing. "By joining the ISA Security Compliance Institute as a founding member, Honeywell is making a significant commitment to share its process control security expertise and experience to benefit the entire industry." In creating the ISASecure designation, ISA Security Compliance Institute members will develop compliance requirements based on the emerging ISA99 and other relevant security standards. Using these requirements, the institute will derive and publish compliance test specifications. Additionally, the ISA Security Compliance Institute will establish ways to certify compliance tests and testing agencies and register compliant products and tests. The program will cover everything from the device-level products up to gateway interfaces, business planning and logistics systems. "The last thing manufacturers should have to worry about is the integrity of the products that control their processes," said Andre Ristaino, managing director, ISA Security Compliance Institute. "The ISASecure designation will serve as an industry stamp of approval that assures manufacturers the control systems they use are safe, reliable and interoperable."