Invensys Shows First SAP Netweaver Approved xAPP

Mark Davidson, Invensys Wonderware vice president of global marketing, stalked the podium, proclaiming Wonderware to be first. "Wonderware," he said, "has successfully completed certification of two new plant to business integration solutions." This gives Wonderware "SAP Powered by Netweaver Certification for two solutions: --real time plant production and performance information views into MySAP portal --production order management, and materials management via the first ISA95 implementation of Netweaver XI According to Davidson, Wonderware is rolling out this implementation across "hundreds of plant sites." "This is the second in a series of SAP certifications," he said. "We're committed to develop future xApps, tighly aligned with SAP xMII" "What this does," he said, "is to enable the coupling of Invensys' ArchestrA architecture to SAP's ESA architecture. These solutions are built on open ArchestrA architecture and Microsoft technologies to allow existing plant systems to be leveraged." Davidson went on to note that the Wonderware SI community is expected to be able to deliver these solutions. To underscore the assertion that this is not vaporware, that Wonderware is already delivering on this certification, Davidson showed a quick look at Arla Foods in Denmark, with some slides from Arne Svendsen, automation group manager at Arla. He also attempted to show a flash video of how tightly integrated Wonderware and SAP could be. Finally, he was able to show a view of the xAPP allowing a user to be using MySAP Portal and being able to drill down to the InTouch screen that showed a pump, valve, flowmeter and tank loop, live and working.

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