Kris Pister to Keynote ISA Expo2008

Smart Dust Inventor to Present Keynote Address at ISA EXPO 2008 Research Triangle Park, NC (16 June 2008) – Dr. Kristofer Pister, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley, will present the opening keynote address at ISA EXPO 2008 in Houston, Texas, on Tuesday, 14 October. Dr. Pister, whose keynote is titled “From Smart Dust to Smart Plants – The Evolution of Wireless Sensor Networking,” is the Co-Director of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, and Co-founder and CTO of Dust Networks. Over ten years ago, Dr. Pister started a Smart Dust project in Berkeley that launched a wave of academic research and venture capital investment based on the promise of wireless sensor networks. “Wireless sensor networking is emerging as a game-changing technology for the industrial market,” notes Dr. Pister in his presentation notes. “With the first wave of industry-standard products now available and compelling case studies that demonstrate dramatic end-user benefits, industry is just starting to see the full impact of this technology.” In his keynote address, Dr. Pister will discuss key milestones in the development of wireless sensing from his pioneering work in MEMS for the military to the lessons learned in developing and commercializing wireless solutions that meet the demands of the industrial market. “Dr. Pister’s technical contributions in wireless sensor networking have paved the way for an information revolution in the industrial automation market and the world around us,” said ISA Director of Convention Services Dale Lee. “We’re proud to feature a keynote address from such an influential leader in our market.” Dr. Pister is the chief architect of the Time Synchronized Mesh Protocol™ (TSMP), which serves as the foundation for the emerging ISA100 standard and WirelessHART™. Dr. Pister provides a strong technology vision for the wireless sensing industry and is a frequent invited speaker and lecturer on wireless sensor networking and related core technologies. Prior to founding Dust Networks, Dr. Pister successfully commercialized or licensed microelectronics and microsensor technology to several companies including Sony and Qualcomm. A former member of the Defense Science Study Group, Dr. Pister is currently a member of JASON, a Department of Defense science and technology advisory group. Dr. Pister holds a PhD and MS in electrical engineering and computer sciences from UC Berkeley and a BS from UC San Diego. The ISA EXPO 2008 conference will feature six Exchange Conference Tracks centered on key issues facing the automation and control market. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss best practices, lessons learned, and potential solutions to specific automation problems as part of the conference's technology exchange format. The Exchange Conference Tracks for 2008 include: Security Technology, Process Automation Technology, Environmental and Quality Control Technology, Wireless and Networking Technology, Safety Technology, and Enterprise Integration Technology. A bonus track, Aerospace Technology Applications, will cover micro and nanotechnology aerospace applications and aerospace instrumentation.