Live! From the Honeywell Users Conference.

Been a busy week here at the ControlGlobal popstand what with all the usual business of getting the July issue ready (some good stuff happening there), keeping up with the news, and trying not to lose focus in light of the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win (awful lot of folks "working from home," aka, going to the downtown victory parade, today). but we do want to take time out from our euphoria and let you know about some exciting "social media" stuff going on next week out in Phoenix Arizona. 

The Control/ team will be doing live, real-time blogging from the 2010 Honeywell Users Group (HUG) meeting. What this means in the wonderful world of new media is that our team will be posting directly from sessions to the Honeywell blog, Twittering, Facebooking and RSS feeding all the information from the meeting so you can have up-to-the minutes updates. We will also be reposting their work here on SoundOff! every day, so no matter what your preferred method of getting up-to-the minute online news, you should be able to keep track of HUG. 

Here's the link to the Honeywell RSS feed.

Here's ControlGlobals' Facebook page so you can follow us there.  

For Twitter users, next weeks' Big Follows are








Oh, and don't forget to use the #HWUsers hashtag for retweets.

Come join the party.