Live from WBF 2008-- Applying ISA88 to Polyethylene Production

Chris Morse from Honeywell (Chemical) then discoursed on the application of ISA88 in a real application for a polyethylene production facility. Unfortunately, Chris' presentation is very graphics heavy, and I can't reproduce most of his slides'll have to wait until the paper is posted on with the rest of the WBF library of papers to see all of it. The plant user requirements were: Clear view of planned production Traceability from finished product back Management of raw materials Planning - what is required? Planning - are they available? Management of recipe parameters Master parameter sets for each grade Easy view & maintenance of parameter sets Robustness High controller/HMI level availability Always possible to change product Automation Maximum practical level of automation Ergonomic operator interaction for manual tasks Automation of transitions for minimum offspec S88 was applied to: Physical model Procedural model Recipe parameters Reporting tools S88 not applicable in: “Units” with no process actions Soft boundaries between batches Time/flow based offsets S88 Benefits Communication via S88 vocabulary and concepts Use of S88 based batch automation software Rapid system development User acceptance of HMI Maintainable by local resource Controller level implementation Batch traceability/genealogy Minimum customization