Live from WBF 2008--Dennis Brandl takes an integrated view of production

Following Agnes Shanley's keynote, Dennis Brandl presented a paper entitled, WHAT IS ABOVE A MASTER RECIPE? AN INTEGRATED VIEW OF PRODUCTION THERE IS A MISSING ELEMENT: ISA 88 defines 4 types of recipes General, Site, Master, Control The Master Recipe is limited to a process cell Yet the “higher level” Site recipe is equipment independent (a definition of the chemical and physical processes) What sequences and controls the work flow and material routing between process cells? We have PLM, and ERP, and even BCS nailed down, but the missing element is MES...product production rules. ISA95 created new "Work" models: Work Capability – A description of the available, unattainable, and committed capacity for a specified resource for a specified period of time. Work Schedules – A description of the work to be performed, made up of Work Requests that relate to a Work Definition.  A Work Schedule may be considered a Detailed Production Schedule. Work Performance – A description of the work actually performed, made up of Work Responses that may relate to a Work Definition. Work Definitions – A description of resources and routings required to implement the work. The Work Definition defines a routing made up of Work Definition Segments.   Work definition IS the missing element. Brandl showed some examples, which were highly graphical, and I can't reproduce them, then he gave definitions: Master Work Definition Identifies Material Classes or Material Definitions Identifies nominal production run sizes (standard job size) Identifies equipment classes for work centers and work units Identifies classes of master recipes or unit recipes Contains a Work Bill – A definition of all resources used in the work definition independent of which work segment definition they are used in Control Work Definition Created as a copy of a Master Work Definition Used to control one job (as defined in ISA 95 Part 3) – One Control Work Definition for each job Defines exact batch sizes or production run sizes May identify Material Lots or Material Sublots for the job May identify specific work centers and/or work units for the job May identify specific Master Recipes to be used for the job He summarized: The use of Work Definitions answers a question that every ISA 88 practitioner has asked, “What is above a Master Recipe?”  Work Definitions can be used to control the flows of material between process cells It provides a mechanism to integrate material handling and material movement, integrates laboratories, material movement, and maintenance work flows into and integrated view of production. The description of a Work Definition may be extended to include information required for execution of the definition.  A terminology for Master Work Definitions and Control Work Definitions is proposed.