Live from WBF 2008: Session 1--Battling Batch Diseases Worldwide

Chris Monchinski, from Automation Control Concepts introduced the WBF "Center for Batch Disease Control" (Dennis Brandl, Charlie Gifford, Paul Nowicki, Dave Chappell, Lynn Craig, Randy Dwiggins) to reduce the incidence of BBCS (Bad Batch Control Systems) and BOMS (Bad Operations and Management Systems) which is also sometimes called MESses. Nowicki gave the update of ISA88 part 1-- we thought we got all the diseases, but obviously there were a few remaining. The standard was reaffirmed in 2006, but there are some improvements in disease fighting we can add. The committee expects a ballot on the changes they've made by the end of 2008. The next meeting is in Pensacola May 5-7. There are some general model clarifications we want to make. There are equipement and control modules clarifications to be made. Collapsibility and the "Magic" better defined. They need to add provisions for Part 5. with new Modes and States, Alignment with S95, Opending the door for ISA88 Part 5, and that wonderful word, Conformance. S88.01 was not a conformance standard. We're trying to give some guidelines to make it one. Dave Chappell talked about the developement of the Part 5: Implementation Models and Terminology for Modular Equipment Control. Part 5 provides detailed guidance on how to create the actual atuomation that delivers the equipment control concept as defined in Part 1. We are going to deliver a template;; for definition of modular reusable components that defines a standard terminology, a template for command and control functionality, amethod to describe and indentify each modular component, and a method for exchanging component definitions--working with OPC Foundation-- and a method for intercommunications among components, and a method that encourages interoperability and visibility. Whew! MEC is going to be the moniker for Modular Equipment Control...this is the brand for Make-to-Pack. This is going to be the easiest and most efficient way to meet automation needs. It will be scalable to address the appropriate level of simplicity or complexity to meet your needs, and will be harmonized wtih other industry standards...usable anywhere on the factory floor, from packaging machines to continuous process. Working Draft 4 is out. Working Draft 5 is targeted for end of April. We have Webex and F2F meetings scheduled monthly over all of 2008. Draft for comment targetted for endof 2008, with a standard finish targeted for early 2009. We're getting good and close to the finish line... Randy Dwiggins talked about ISA TR88.00.2: Machine and Unit States. It is intended as a standard for packaging. It is an inplementation example of s88, using the state model operating at the unit procedure level rather than at the phase level. Draft report was complete in Dec 06. Definitions and state model is complete, and there are discussions ongoing with the ISA88 committee, and will be let out for a vote shortly. There are harmonization efforts with the Weihenstephan standard in Germany. Lynn Craig talked about the 88/95 working group. A technical report has been prepared with the focus on helping practitioners who are using both 88 and 95 together, and who may be more familiar with one than the other. The content is a narrative introduction, with a discussion of primary functions, and a tabular comparison of the two standards. The technical report has been submitted to both SP88 and SP95 for comments and approval. Craig also talked about the international adoption of s88 and s95...IEC 65A MT61512. 61512 standards are the international versions of the ISA88 standards. There are 50 nations who contribute to the IEC and they appoint experts by act of committee...whether they know anything or not. These experts are supposed to create the standard. So far, we have Part 1 and Part 2 as international standards. Part 3 was approved late last year-- in record time, one vote, six months. Part 4 will be ready to go into the "red tape machine" later this year. We're not sure how long this vote will take-- this year, we hope. Keith Unger's report on battling BOMS and MESses with Integrated Therapy was delivered by Dennis Brandl...The new ISA95 standards status... All the parts will be updated. Part 1 is out for vote. We moved the entire object model to Part 2, and introduced a "generic" work model. Part 2--updated and out for comment. We added generic "operations data exchange models. Part 3-- Update in development to make it consistent with IEC 62264-3 and remvoe tha parts we moved to Part 1. Part 4-- new version out for initial comment-- defines  new "work" data exchange models. Part 5 is waiting until Part 2 is complete, and will be updated with "operations" and "work" transactions. The rules for these changes we're making:  Don’t break what is working Do not invalidate any actions done to date Incorporate the "Standards Equivalent" of upward compatibility The committee is taking what was done to the next level, not tossing it out This sometimes means “compromise” This is usually the most difficult part of updating the standard The international working groups are working on the international version of the standard. IEC62264-5 is currently out for review and is expected to go out for vote in June 2008. The next physical meeting will be May 14-16 in Tokyo. Brandl announced the Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute (a forum in ASCI-- the Automation Systems Compliance Institute). --compliance therapy --the industrial interoperability compliance institute will be detailed and announced on Wednesday afternoon. We are Beating the insidious diseases of Bad Batch Control Systems and Bad Operation and Management Systems...fighting BBCS and BOMS worldwide. WBF has changed its charter to become a standards development organization, in cooperation with ANSI/ISA and IEC.