Live from WBF--The World According to Lou

Velumani ("Lou") Pillai, who is one of the serious big dogs in manufacturing at Pfizer, presented what he called a collaborative paper written by himself, Rob Burrows, also of Pfizer, and the ubiquitous Dennis Brandl (who is the only human being I know who multitasks better than I do). Green Outline: Sustainability Defined Impacts on Process Development & Mfg. Compliance or Good Business? Sustainability Information Requirements General Recipe Extensions Manufacturing Science: Manufacturing science is used at Pfizer to describe the body of scientific knowledge, regulations, and principles involved in the transformation of materials and information into products  One of the components of manufacturing science is the development of scientifically sound recipe based on sustainability principles    Sustainability: "...characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely..." Sustainability in Manufacturing: The development and deployment of processes/products Conserve energy Reduce waste materials Reduce the use of non-sustainable materials in the production of processes Increase the recycle-ability of products and waste materials Green Chemistry: In the life science industries the concept of sustainability is closely related to “Green Chemistry”: Prevent waste Design safer chemicals and products Design less hazardous chemical syntheses Use renewable feedstock Use catalysts, not stoichiometric reagents Avoid chemical derivatives Maximize atom economy Use safer solvents and reaction conditions Increase energy efficiency Design chemicals and products to degrade after use Analyze in real-time to prevent pollution Minimize potential for accidents   Is Green Compliance or is it Good Business? “..If you have a drug on the market for eight, ten years, and you're saving ten to fifteen million dollars a year, that's as much as a hundred fifty million dollars of manufacturing cost reduction over the lifetime of the patent..”  Dr. Beverly Cue Focus on products and processes: Sustainability efforts must focus on both the product and the processes  Sustainability efforts in the two main tasks required to develop of general recipes Sustainability Addressed: With extensions we can address all sustainability requirements General Recipe Elements Material Properties Lou showed some graphically heavy slides I can't reproduce...and then summarized: Significant economic benefits Additional Information needs E-Factors Material Disposal costs Waste General Recipes provide  a good basis Mfg. alternatives Document Sustainability