More and more Inescapable Data

This is a hot book... From Chapter Two, The Connectivity Divide Here's a test to see how connected YOU are... Draw a line under the last question to which you can answer yes. Toddler's class: I sometimes receive postal mail I have a home phone I have cable TV or satellite at home My home phone is cordless I use the Internet from home I have at least one cell phone I use e-mail for either work or family matters at home I have high speed Internet at home Crossing the Chasm: I use Instant messaging either at home or work. I sometimes work from home instead of going into the office. I carry my cell phone wherever I carry my wallet. I use text messaging via cell or PDA. I usually pay (if necessary) at hotels for high speed Internet access Connected: I could make use of an XML document if I wanted to. I use a hybrid PDA I use virtual office groupware I sometimes work at 3:30 in the morning I expect airports, campgrounds, rest stops, trains, buses and planes to have WiFi service. Actually I expect it everythwere. I sometimes make free calls over the Internet. ------------------------------------------------ I usually work from home and have given up my true office. How far down the list did YOU make it?