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Managing Editor Nancy Bartels has a great idea. Suppose we get somebody with some deep pockets (you know who you are, now don't you?) to fund the development of a MMRPG that is about process automation? Huh? What's a Mumrrpig...whatever it was you said? If you don't know what an MMRPG is, ask one of your kids. It stands for Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Worlds of Warcraft, or the Sims, or even Second Life. They are addictive, cause players to do incredible amounts of research and learning, produce detailed, imaginative and problem-solving-oriented thinkers. And they have the added benefit of being cool. Waaaaaay cool. Supposing we set a MMRPG up in a virtual refinery? Think of the challenges we could give the players, who'd have to learn controls and engineering just to play...think they won't? Ask any parent of a Worlds of Warcraft addict what their kid does...and if you are an adult WoW addict, speak up. You know who YOU are, too. Level 2. Can't get to the plant on time because a bridge fell down. Level 10. Keep the refinery running and defend against a cyber attack. Level 21. A fire breaks out in the cat cracker unit. Level 26. Management insists on a 10% increase in efficiency. All the engines are there-- there is enough simulation software available to make the refinery real. All we need is to get somebody to write the game, and distribution for it... Anybody going to step up?
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  • <p>Walt, Nancy does have a great idea, but it's not as futuristic as you might think. We have been delivering cost-effective "Virtual Plants" for a number of petroleum refiners. The solutions are very effective to train operators, test automation system application software, test operating procedures, and reduce operational risks. In some cases, they even have allowed the customers to find process or automation design issues well before the plant was even built. The value to the refinery operator is incredible. Returns of millions of dollars have been documented from "virtual plant" simulations that cost a fraction of the investment. An example of this was presented by Anne Waltzoni from Flint Hills Resources at the 2006 Emerson Exchange, The Refinery Behind the Monitor. We also talk about steps to the practical implementation of this type of solution in Delivering the Promise of the Virtual Plant on the MYNAH Forum. As far as building the virtual refinery on Second Life … give us a little more time. Anyone know the price of a barrel of crude in Linden Dollars?</p> <p>Mart Berutti</p>


  • <p>The "Virtual Plant" presentation Mart refers to can be referenced at: <a href=""></a></p> <p>"The Refinery Behind the Monitor" provides a case history of the successful implementation of a Virtual Plant testing and training system by Anne Waltzoni of Flint Hills Resources, Pine Bend, MN.</p> <p>Mart's blog, "Delivering the Promise of the Virtual Plant" can be found at: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Jason Covington MYNAH <a href=""></a></p>


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