NEW ISA100 Survey Now Open!

As we did last year, Control magazine and have teamed with the ISA100 Wireless Standard Committee to produce a major user survey on wireless. The questions were developed in cooperation with the ISA100 Marketing Working Group and the ISA100 User Working Group, and were produced by a group of committee members including David Kaufman from Honeywell, Paul Sereiko from Airsprite Technologies, Jose Gutierrez from Emerson, Dick Caro, the User WG co-chair, and others, under the editorship of Larry Pereira, the Marketing WG co-chair. Larry and I want to publicly thank all the people who worked on this survey. If you have a website, please feature this survey...we want the most number of responses possible. Last year, we obtained 499 user responses to the survey, and it was invaluable in directing the ISA100 standard effort. We hope to have even more this year. All the members of the ISA100 committee will have access to the raw data from the survey, and the survey will be reported in the August 2008 issue of Control. Click Here to take the Control/ISA100 survey!