Not News about Emerson Exchange

Yes, Virginia, there is life after Emerson Exchange. ARC Advisory Group is ramping up for a three-fer come next February--in Orlando. (Where else?)

Here's the news release:

ARC 2010 Orlando Forum to Co-Locate Multiple Programs in a Common Venue

DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS – September 30, 2009 – To encourage col-laboration among professionals from different corporate departments and functional organizations, ARC Advisory Group ( has decided to co-locate its three, traditionally separate, annual forum events in one convenient venue.  The 2010 ARC World Industry Forum will be held at the Rosen Center Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida, Feb-ruary 8th -10th.
The parallel programs for the three traditionally separate forum events fo-cus on operational excellence, asset lifecycle management, and supply chain & logistics, respectively.  ARC previously held these events in Orlando (13 years), Houston (1 year), and Boston (15 years), respectively.  ARCs 2010 World Industry Forum will also feature an additional dedicated program on cyber-security, which is becoming an increasingly critical issue across both industrial and infrastructure domains.
The co-located programs for ARC’s 2010 World Industry Forum include:
• Rethinking Operational Excellence: Innovative Solutions for the Changing Economy
• Rethinking Asset Lifecycle Management: Innovative ALM Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
• Rethinking Cyber Security: Resilient Control Systems for Securing our Infrastructure
• Performance-Based Outsourcing: Maximizing the Value of 3PL-Customer Relationships

One registration entitles ARC World Industry Forum participants to attend sessions from any of the above programs.  In addition, several other indus-try organizations are co-locating their meetings at the 2010 World Industry Forum.  These include OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control) and WBF (World Batch Forum).