Ok, what's it going to take, friends?

Well, we've had another Sarbanes-Oxley event. This time, a plant called T2 Labs in Jacksonville, Fla. suffered an explosion which killed at least three persons and sent at least fourteen to area hospitals. See the report here: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/US/12/19/florida.explosion/index.html It is simply too early to determine the cause of the explosion and fire. At the same time, it is useful to look at it as an exercise in collective responsibility. As Peter Montagna, Engineering Manager of King Industries, Inc., writes in his letter to the editor (to appear in the January issue of Control) "I agree that someone should be watching over the process industries to make sure the "bad actors" are dealt with appropriately. But true improvement will come if we all work together and all take responsibility for process safety and the well-being of those who work in our organizations." What he said. And we wish the survivors of the T2 accident, and the families of those killed, the best we can, under the circumstances.