OSIsoft CEO Pat Kennedy presents webcast for WBF

If you have never heard Pat Kennedy, President and CEO of OSIsoft speak, you need to attend this webcast. If you  have heard Pat talk, you know why you ARE attending this webcast. From WBF's press release: WBF brings you another insightful and up-to-date technical webcast. Process Data Benefits for the Modern Plant Wednesday, 20 August 2008 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET To register, go here. Presenter: Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, CEO, OSIsoft Supply chain optimization is a way to look at the end-to-end problem of supplying goods cheaply and reliably. Electrical utilities often consider the start of the "supply chain" power generation and the end as the user meter. This presentation looks beyond this energy supply chain. The power industry works slowly and looks at its users as only loads occurring in quasi-regulated, slow, or non responsive results. The real supply chain starts with the collection of the raw energy and ends in its delivery in forms useful to the customer. The value of broadening the supply chain can be large--San Diego Gas and Electric once noted that shaving off the peak demand for just 100 hrs a year would save the construction of a power plant in their region. The biggest issue in this situation is the lack of understanding between the utility and the user. Industrial users are thought to be just loads to the utility, while the users consider the utility an "always on" regulated outlet. This simplistic view between a supplier and the users results in a loss of efficiency. In this note I want to look at a few industrial scenarios that show the essence of the problem and present a case study demonstrating the potential value.