Process Automation Hall of Fame Dinner

The dinner went off without a hitch thanks to the WBF staff and the generosity of Emerson Process Management. Three of the inductees and one past inductee were in the audience: Ed Bristol, who invented multivariable control and worked to convert the original PID algorithms from pneumatic to electronic control; Dick Morley who developed the basic technology for disk drives, shares with the late Otto Struger the title of "Father of the PLC," and created the modern building automation system; Kathleen Waters, who has enforced standards based integration in her career, and is the Chair of S88 for ISA; and Lynn Craig, who with Tom Fisher, was the founder of S88 and WBF. I am incredibly honored to be entrusted with the care of the Hall of Fame. After the dinner, Ed Bristol, Andy Chatha from ARC and I got into a very interesting discussion about why companies don't implement realtime process optimization...we concluded after years of listening to presentations, that it is a lack of the proper language...and nobody is thinking about it this way. Interesting...what do you all think? Walt Boyes BlackBerry service provided by Nextel

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