Stockholm Water Prize winner lambastes biofuels as "too frightening to even begin to realize."

The Stockholm Water Prize is the "Nobel" of the environmental industry, specifically for water and wastewater engineering greatness. A good friend of mine, Takashi Asano, won it some years back. It is a very high prestige award. According to the Associated Press, and Carlos David Mogollon's coverage in WaterWorld Online, this year's laureate, John Anthony Allen "launched into a tirade against biofuels similar to that of the Singapore International Water Week prize winner" earlier this year, Mogollon reports. Mogollon continues, "Allan, a professor at King's College London and head of its Water Research Group, noted that the amount of water that goes into production of biofuels takes it well past a net energy loser not to mention its impact on the environment and world food supplies/prices, calling the drive toward increased production 'too frightening to even begin to realize,' according to an Associated Press report. Read the rest of Mogollon's article here.