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I don't often feature vendor newsletters, but this morning I got this newsletter from B&B Electronics, in Ottawa IL.

The two definitions of packet sniffers are great, but the best of the newsletter is the link to "The Ten Commandments of Wireless Connectivity" also on their site. This is a great read, and very valuable information.

I offer just the first one here, to whet your whistle. The rest you will have to read on B&B's website.

1. Thou shall know thy dBm and recall thy high school logarithms.

Radio Frequency (RF) power is measured in milli Watts (mW) or, more usefully, in a logarithmic scale of decibels (dB), or decibels referenced to 1 mW of power (dBm). Since RF power attenuates as a logarithmic function, the dBm scale is most useful. Here are some examples of how these scales relate:

1mW = 0dBm
2mW = 3dBm
4mW = 6dBm
10mW = 10dBm
100mW = 20dBm
1W = 30dBm


Visit B&B Electronics for the next nine commandments.

A 2-fold increase in power yields 3dB of signal.
A 10-fold increase in power yields 10dB of signal.
A 100-fold increase in power yields 20dB of signal.